Where do you call home?
Right on the edge of the Alps in Salzburg, Austria. I am originally from the Deep South of the United States. 

Tell us a bit about these selection of shots.
It’s a collection of the past two years of riding. Some from around here in Salzburg, some from Italy, some from France, and some from Spain.
From a French bike tour, to a Brevet in Berlin, to the Giro d’Italia, to this year’s Festive 500, to everyday riding here in Salzburg. A little bit of everything.

How did your love of photography and cycling come together?
I studied some photography in university so I’ve always enjoyed it. When I moved to Europe I wanted to document cycling on this side of the ocean so I got a decent camera. I had been a bit timid taking it on rides, but it feels like second nature now.
I also really dig seeing others’ pictures from around the world showing where, how, and why people ride. I just found a guy who rides every day in Pakistan and documents it, which is awesome. As much as I like contributing, I enjoy consuming. 

What’s the lowdown on your kit - bike and camera?
I love bikes but hate working on them, so I currently have a few that are half working: Time RXR road racer, an All City Space Horse setup for touring or off-road shredding, and a nasty-ass fixed gear city roller.
For cameras, I had a Canon S100, but I kind of broke it. Now I use a Fuji X100 or my iPhone. 

How do you carry your camera while riding?
I used to stick my S100 in my jersey pocket, but my gross back sweat really screwed it up. Now, I carry my Fuji on a strap around my shoulder. I try to take pics during the action while riding, so this is the most logical spot to carry it. 

Coffee or beer after your ride?
Coffee all the way. However, here in Salzburg there is a popular fruit-beer drink called Radler, which is German for “cyclist.” It is about the greatest thing ever after a long, hot bike ride. 

Waxing or shaving?
Shaving. I would laser remove if I could. 

Garmin or no Garmin? Do you use apps to record your ride?
If you asked me a year ago, I would have said very adamantly NO GARMIN! However, I picked up a Garmin on impulse recently and it has been a great tool. Still, I get lost using it and often feel like it ruins the adventure. I should start using it less.
I use Strava, but no longer care for KOMs. I like being able to go back and look where I went and how I got lost. It is the best tool for finding new places.  

Which adventure have you set your sights on next?
In May, I am heading to Sweden to do the Dalsland Runt. Pretty stoked about that. I also go to the Black Forrest in Germany every summer to ride with friends. In July, I have an Iceland adventure with my girlfriend. Bikes will surely be a part of it!



April 28, 2015 — Mark Windsor