#capturetheride - is a photographic series showcasing the love affair between cyclists and photography.  Featuring photographers who use their skill set to capture the ride in a series of photos.

Website - constantingerlach.de

Where do you call home?
I‘m based in Berlin, Germany.

How did your love of photography and cycling come together?
For me it is the perfect way to combine two passions. Cycling and taking photos. I get bored of something pretty fast and cycling for me has a lot of different aspects to capture: the speed, the suffering, the fun, the products and the people you get to know all over the globe united by cycling and of cause the adventures you are able to experience on a bike.

Tell us a bit about these selection of shots.
They were part of a photo shoot for Full Windsor. We went out for a ride in the lovely Liepnitzsee, in the North of Berlin. Interesting to see this place in the Winter/Spring time when it‘s quiet and chilled, in the Summer it's always rammed with people.

What’s the lowdown on your kit - bike and camera?
I only have Fixed Gear bikes at the moment, but that doesn't stop me from travelling.
Last Summer I rode the French North coast. It was tough with only one gear and all the baggage on the bike, but it was a great experience and I would love to do it again!
For capturing my rides i use my Canon 5D Mark 3 or my Samsung mobile phone camera.

How do you carry your camera while riding?
I'm still improving my technique, in France I had a backpack with chest straps so I could put the camera strap around my neck and plug the camera with the lens pointing downwards into the breast strap of the backpack. That worked pretty well, because I was then able to pull out the camera and shoot with one hand whilst riding.

Coffee or beer after a ride?
Beer. Sometimes Coffee, but yes, Beer.

Waxing or shaving?
I like my legs nice and hairy!

Garmin or no Garmin? Do you use apps to record your ride?
No Garmin, I like paper maps, but I like to record my rides with Strava. I like to scroll through my rides from France on Strava and sometimes get a little bit sentimental, ohh.

Which adventure have you set your sights on next?
Not sure, there are so many places to discover and i just can‘t decide where I want to go. I would love to explore the East and West coast of the US. Let‘s see where the future takes me.




March 30, 2015 — Mark Windsor